Okay you must agree with me on the fact that being in one’s comfort zone is less scary than starting afresh! I don’t know what it is about new beginnings but the very thought of it can sometimes have even the bravest of souls rummaging for an escape route, myself included.


I must be honest, the very thought of launching my own network was one of the scariest hurdles I have ever had to jump through in my 27 years lifespan. I LOVE God and my prayer has always been “LORD grant me a heart like yours. A forgiving and kind heart. A heart full of love and compassion. Lord wherever you want me to go I’ll go and whatever you want me to do I’ll do, just use me!” Then God dropped the vision of PFN into my heart and when He did, the first thing I said was “Lord, I know I said whatever you want me to do I’ll do but I didn’t mean this.” Lol. [Hmm. Sounds familiar?] Let me be transparent for a second; I spent a lot of time, thereafter, trying to convince God that I am not the woman for this Job. I presented Him with countless facts, like “God I don’t think the time is right.” “God what if I have nothing to say or what if what I say doesn’t make sense?” “God why would I want to put myself out there for the world to judge? Some people are mean, what if they don’t accept this vision that you’ve given me?” “God, I have work, school, a business, ministry, and now you want me to add a network too?” “God I’m too young.” And my ultimate favorite “God I just can’t do it!”


Many of you are like me; we long for, wish for, whole heartedly desire and pray for certain things but we never take the time out to vision the reality of the manifestations of that which we wish, desire, and pray for and when we do receive the answers to those wishes, desires, and prayers in a manner other than what we were expecting or in a manner that challenges us, or forces us to come out of obscurity and into the lime light we turn into track stars and try to flee.


Like I stated earlier, I love God and I also love people. I know for a fact and I’ve always known that influencing, impacting, and transforming lives is what I was created and placed on this earth to do. See, the more “facts” I presented God with in my pursuit to convince him that I am not the women for this Job the more He made me realized that I am the exact vessel that He needs to execute this mission. [God has need of you, he always has!] God began to remind me of how he kept me through the civil war in 1996 in my homeland Sierra Leone. He reminded me of how he comforted me through the passing of my mother at a young age and being raised by a single father. How He protected me through our homeless days and provided for me and my family when we had nothing. How He strengthened me through my military trainings and preserved me through countless deployments and near-death experiences amongst other things. He said to me “Don’t worry about what you will have to say because I will speak through you.” “Don’t worry about not making sense because you will speak of what you know and what you know is all that you’ve overcome and the lessons you’ve learnt on those journeys.” “Don’t worry about being judged but worry about doing what I am asking you to do, fulfilling your purpose and staying true to who you are.” “Don’t worry about being too young, age is not a perquisite for wisdom.” “Remember that My grace is sufficient for you and I will never give you more than you can handle.” “And stop telling Me you can’t do it! You can do all things through Christ (Me) who strengthens you.”


What is it that God is asking you to do? What is that dream, idea, and vision that God has given you that seems bigger than you? Like me, deep down you know that is what you were born to do, you dream about it at night, you think about it during the day, and you vision it in your quiet moment, yet you still struggle with stepping out of your comfort zone and staring afresh. How long do you plan on staying in your box or how many more excuses do you plan on coming up with before you realize that it is not about you? There are lives waiting to be transformed by your ideas. There are souls waiting to be impacted by your visions. There is a generation waiting to be influenced by your dreams. No More Excuses, You Have What It Takes and The Time Is Now!


Today be reminded that God has not given us the spirit of fear. As we celebrate the birth of the Princess Fornah Network today, understand that it is because I have chosen to trust God and to hold onto His Word that says, He will never leave me nor forsake me. (Deuteronomy 36:6). So, as you follow and celebrate me and the Princess Fornah Network, I pray that you will be encouraged to trust God more, influenced to be obedient to do what He is asking you to do and leave your comfort zone, impacted to understand that you have all it takes to make it in life, and transformed in Jesus name.


-Signed,<br />

An Available Vessel

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