A network for individuals who need some motivation and inspiration in order to take on the challenges of life.

About Princess Fornah Network

The Princess Fornah Network is for those individuals who have not always made the best decisions in life but are genuinely ready to turn over a new leaf and become their better selves.

It is a network for individuals who want more out of life but for some reason are afraid to step out in faith and pursue their dreams, goals, and visions. It is a network for individuals who need some motivation and inspiration in order to take on the challenges of life.

Lastly and most importantly, the Princess Fornah Network is for individuals who are seeking to grow in their Christian faith and are desiring a closer walk and a more personal relationship with God.

Please take your time and surf around and as you navigate through my website, it is my prayer that you will be Influenced, Impacted, and Transformed in Jesus name. We were all created with a purpose, it’s time you start fulfilling yours!!!

Our Vision

The vision of Princess Fornah Network is to transformed lives with the LOVE and WORD of God.

Our Mission

The mission of Princess Fornah Network is to

About Princess Fornah

Princess Fornah is a confident, ambitious, self-motivated, and God fearing woman who virtuously balances ministry, education, business, charity, and career. In 2013 she joined the Armed Forces and served honorably in the United States Navy for 6 years.

Princess was a sagacious petty officer and role model and has been instrumental in maintaining good order and discipline and the reputable image of the United States Navy. As president of the Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions (better know as CSADD), she led hundreds of sailors in different charitable events in nations like Japan, Bahrain, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Singapore. She also raised awareness to certain issues like alcohol and substance abuse, feed the needy, suicide awareness, domestic violence, and sexual assault to name a few.

Princess is an exemplary mentor, motivational speaker, psalmist and preacher. She has spoken at several youth, women, and naval conferences in Japan, Bahrain, and in the United States of America; Influencing, Impacting, and transforming lives with the Word and Love of God. As a scholar, Princess graduated high school with honors and now attends Liberty University’s School of Divinity, where she is a senior studying Theology and Biblical Studies.

Princess is an astute stylist and business-woman. When it comes to fashion, as a stylist Princess has a distinct style and her moto is “Glory in Virtue”; she believes that one does not have to be exposed in order to look sexy. She is the co-owner of JV Collection with the slogan “Look Good Always” a unique fashion line designed specially for men.

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