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The Princess Fornah Network is for those individuals who have not always made the best decisions in life but are genuinely ready to turn over a new leaf and become their better selves. It is a network for individuals who want more out of life but for some reason are afraid to step out in faith and pursue their dreams, goals, and visions. It is a network for individuals who need some motivation and inspiration in order to take on the challenges of life.

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Princess Fornah is a confident, ambitious, self-motivated, and God fearing woman who virtuously balances ministry, education, business, charity, and career.

In 2013 she joined the Armed Forces and served honorably in the United States Navy for 6 years.

Princess was a sagacious petty officer and role model and has been instrumental in maintaining good order and discipline and the reputable image of the United States Navy.
As president of the Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions (better know as CSADD), she led hundreds of sailors in different charitable events in nations like...

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  • Mr. Jerry John Amegbedzi
    “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision and the best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched-it must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller. Princess Fonah is an acute and indefatigable lady with passion for her calling and pursuit of God’s work. With the few years I have known her, she demonstrated great sense of spirituality, humility, affability and love for one another.

    I knew her when she was then a church member at Royalhouse Chapel Maryland and transitioned through the church to currently being the residence leader at Royalhouse Chapel Int’l, Columbus Ohio Mission. She is a strong woman of deep faith, kind heart, disciplined, time conscious and emotionally balanced, personally with leadership qualities and a role model for her peers. She has a solid passion to see lost people come to know God and also to see believers share their passion for reaching out to the lost. With her organizational skills, she is able to offer her experience by gathering young ladies (I.e. Second Generation aka 2G) and leading Prayer meetings and Bible studies weekly. She is well equipped to lead others to a deeper appreciation of the scriptures, and is thoroughly faithful to the call of her assignment. Finally, Princess is a blessing to all, she is constantly building up her colleagues through motivation, delegation, responsibility and with I can do spirit.

    Mr. Jerry John Amegbedzi
    Senior Pastor. Royalhouse Chapel Int’l, Cincinnati Ohio Mission
  • Mr. Theodore Agormeda-Tetteh

    Princess Fornah is a hardworking studious woman whose dream is to affect her community and lives positively. She has very good command on advocacy and has evidenced originality of thoughts in a unique manner. Her altruistic tendencies makes her affable amongst her peers. She has vast experience in Behavior Change communication, gender mainstreaming and equality, advocacy and community engagement methodologies. She is a visionary  leader with a great interpersonal relationship skills and has a good sense of humor. Princess is also a team player and mobilize both human and capital results to achieve stated goals. Her motivation in life is powered by her ministry and outreach programs aimed at bringing smiles on the faces of the vulnerable and less privileged in the society. She is a great minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and has touched countless souls with the power of God. I consider these important virtues necessary and recommend her for any chosen pursuit of her life.

    Mr. Theodore Agormeda-Tetteh
    Senior Pastor. Royalhouse chapel Dansoman, Love Temple. Accra North
  • Ms. Carmesha Paris

    When I first met Princess Fornah. I was in Japan losing my mind trying to find out how I was going to maintain the upkeep of my hair. I saw her looking flawlessly beautiful as ever in regular clothes but having an aura about her that couldn't be ignored. She agreed to do my hair and everything was history from then. She became my Sister. She prayed for me, checked on me constantly and always loved on me unconditionally. Being younger than myself, she was my role model and an example of someone I wouldn't mind following after. She made her life what she wanted it to be and allowed no distraction to hinder that. She is confident in life and although she may have hard times, she remembers the promises from God. She is understanding in knowing she doesn't have all the right answers and she seeks out for wise counsel. She is the definition of victory and Grace adorns her well. It is apart of her wardrobe and everyone that is around her knows it. She is what Love looks like on a good and bad day and I am more than blessed to have her be a part of me.

    Ms. Carmesha Paris
    Logistics Specialists. Petty Officer Second Class. US Navy
  • Bishop Charles A. Hall

    So much to say about this young Woman of God, whom we know as Princess Fornah. Reasonably, since I’ve known her, I have observed her walk with God to be excellent!  She wears her apparel in a godly manner, her manner of speech is godly and foremost, she knows who she is, and most importantly, whose she is. Excellence is her display in all manner of her life." Her undertaking of the Princess Fornah Network (PFN) is to complete the great commission given to her in a manner to cultivate the media medium with an influence to transform lives through the word of God.  Her purpose has been revealed! Divine accomplishment and fulfillment is in motion. The vision and mission of PFN is to present “Christianity in Action” by communicating the greatest command given to us by Christ Jesus - to love one another as I have loved you!” I am proud to call her daughter in the gospel.  I am sure PFN will declare Psalm 8 in its endeavors.

    Bishop Charles A. Hall
    Founding Prelate, Christian Ministries Fellowship Ecumenical International, Inc. Senior Pastor, Christian Ministries Worship Center, Yokosuka, Japan
  • Mr. Terrence Tetrault

    I have known Princess Fornah for one year; first as coworkers, then as friends while employed at the Navy Operational Support Center in Lemoore, California.  As a Logistics Specialist, Ms. Fornah was very good at her job and always eager to do any assignment presented to her; such a reliable individual. She is excellent with people! She is always cheerful and enjoyable to be around.  In the time we worked together I have found Ms. Fornah to always be forthright, determined, honest and caring.  If I had my own business I would not think twice about hiring Princess to be a part of my team.

    Mr. Terrence Tetrault
    Retired Chief. United States Navy
  • Mr. Joshua Solomon

    Princess Fornah! I have known this young Woman of God since 2015. We have become good friends because of the qualities she exhibits. One thing I can certainly say is that she is a hardworking, God loving young lady with tremendous faith in God. As her business partner, I can attest to the fact that she has a winning mentality and does not quit until she has achieved her plans and met her target. She is such a supportive young lady, constantly thinking of impacting lives positively in her own little way. She is an interesting individual and such great company; There is never a dull moment with Princess. She is a friend, a sister, a prayer partner, a fellow world mover and shaker and my business partner (JV Collections).

    Mr. Joshua Solomon
    Pastor. Royalhouse Chapel Int’l, Ahenfie. Ghana. CEO JV Collections
  • Ruth Bradley

    If I was allowed to use only one word to describe Princess Fornah, I would use the word "rare". Rare meaning she's one of a kind. She's one in a million. She's one of those people that you hold on to because someone like her doesn't come around often. She is genuinely kind with a great and giving heart.  She has been nothing but a blessing to me. She has always professed her faith boldly and unashamedly. She has always been ready, willing and able to pray for the needs of others. She has been a great source of support and I witnessed her on several occasions in the Kingdom of Bahrain, providing words of encouragement and whatever she had to give. She's a true friend; a true sister; a lover of Christ. I'm grateful for her life and where God is taking her.

    Ruth Bradley
    Yeoman Chief. United States Navy
  • Mr. Benjamin McGee

    A charismatic sister with a winning attitude! Princess Fornah creates the right atmosphere with her unique style of worship and praise. A highly gifted person who adds great value to any organization while remaining humble and thankful. I have been truly blessed to experience her compassion and hospitality while stationed overseas in the Kingdom of Bahrain and working in ministry with this dynamic sister in Christ.  Princess has proven be an outstanding communicator that reaches across cultures in a way that's innovative and friendly. She truly is a mover and a shaker in the Kingdom of God!

    Mr. Benjamin McGee
    President of Christian Network Solutions, MDiv
  • Mr. Jacques Garcia

    I’ve known Princess Fornah since 2013, we met on the USS Blue Ridge our duty station in Japan.  Princess checked onboard young and very anxious to figure out what life onboard the ship was all about. But it didn’t take her very long to sync into the culture of being a Sailor. She was a very smart, hardworking, polite and humble young lady; Always smiley. She was so passionate about all she did and was tasked with. My first conversation with her took place onboard the ship in the vestibule (the ship’s hallway) during cleaning station, I remember her confiding in me about her goals in life and her asking me for guidance as well. Every day during our shipboard life, she maintained a positive attitude and always had a big smile on her face no matter how hectic our underway schedule was. Her good character made a lot of influence to other young Sailors aboard the ship that they elected her President of their Collision of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions (CSADD) Chapter.  What I love most about this young Sailor is her kind heartedness and just how strong her faith in God is.  I truly believed that she will continue to inspire others with this platform as she allows God to continually guide her.

    Mr. Jacques Garcia
    Logistics Specialists Chief. United States Navy
  • Mr. Samuel Bouyer

    Let me see what I can say about Princess Fornah, I have known this young lady since 2012 when we met in Japan. She has always been very energetic, polite, and always a positive attitude towards any tasking.  I have never come across a time where I had heard something negative about, nor witnessed anything that would shed a non-positive light on her. We have had many talks ranging from career opportunities, politics, religion and life’s different challenges.  Ms. Fornah was always one to sit up in her chair to listen first, think on the issue at hand and then respond with an intelligent response.  I could tell from her demeanor that you always had her ear and attention and that she was a young lady whom absorbed the positive information that was being passed down from our talks, or information that was necessary to be delivered to the masses of personnel who worked for our organization.  One could only hope to have an individual like Ms. Fornah in their organization, because she brings energy, resilience and an optimistic view to any situation.

    Mr. Samuel Bouyer
    Master Chief Retired. United States Navy
  • Mrs. Sarah Stone

    I am so blessed to have served in the United States Navy with Princess Fornah and been a witness to God's perfect work through her. In a dark and broken world, she brings God's light and love everywhere she goes; her smile is so genuine and bright and the love in her eyes for our Lord and His children is undeniable. In a field of work that is dominated by men, Princess Fornah is the epitome of feminine grace, poise, strength and dignity. I went through years in a dark period when I walked away from my faith and God saw fit to bring this lady into my life as a sweet and gentle example of God’s love and what a Godly woman should be. Until now I haven’t told her the extent of her impact in my life, but I know for a fact that God used her to restore my faith and bring me back to Him. This beautiful daughter of Christ remains in my mind the exact woman described in Proverbs 31.

    Mrs. Sarah Stone
    Aviation Maintenance Administrationman. United States Navy Veteran
  • Ms. Icerine Wyngarde

    "Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional." This statement acutely summarizes Princess Fornah's life. My friend, my hair stylist, my prayer partner, & consultant of many things-she has repeatedly illustrated that life's hardships may shape our journey, but do not have to define our destination. To know her is to love her. Throughout our friendship, the roles of student and teacher have been interchangeable. One of the nuggets of wisdom I've received from her over the last few years is that transparency and vulnerability are the most accurate measures of courage. While perfection is unattainable, she embodies the light in which we all strive to reflect upon the world. I pray that she continues to use the Princess Fornah Network platform to share it. Love you bunches!!!!

    Ms. Icerine Wyngarde
    Information System Technician. Petty Officer Second Class. United States Navy
  • Mrs. Pearline Jones

    I’m so proud of Princess Fornah and all her accomplishments. When we met on the USS Blue Ridge in Japan I knew there was something special about her. Always trying to look out for others and just being an inspiration to all. The one thing I really admired about her was that no one could steal her joy because GOD already had his hands on her. Continue to be a blessing to the younger generation while still inspiring the older generation Princess; It doesn’t matter how old or young just NEVER give up on doing GOD'S work. HE has blessed you then and continuing to bless you now. You have never taken anything for granted and you have always been humble just NEVER change and stay the course the LORD has laid before you. As with anything there will be UPS and DOWNS but DON’T QUIT... BEST WISHES FOR YOU AND THIS NEW CHAPTER IN YOUR LIFE....BE BLESSED!

    Mrs. Pearline Jones
    Senior Chief Retired. United States Navy
  • Amazing Grace Danso

    Princess Fornah is by far one of the most remarkable and incredible people I have ever met. For a relationship that started online through WhatsApp, she's easily become one of my best and closest friends. I had the pleasure of leading her in a church team for about two years and got to witness firsthand, her passion for God and people. She loves all with everything in her and has proven to be a reliable and dependable confidant. I cannot thank Princess enough for being there for me when I needed her the most after my mom passed away. Even though in different continents, she never ceased checking on and calling me during her breaks to love on, encourage, and pray for me. She was a solid rock who pointed me to THE Solid Rock whenever my heart was overwhelmed. I can't thank God enough for bringing this angel and gem my way.

    Amazing Grace Danso
    Author. Blogger. Gender Advocate. Social Activist. Tema, Ghana

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